Who's in charge?

Inside PRL

PL Seminar and Internal Talks

Arjun Guha, John Gouwar, John Li

PL Seminar, Junior

John Li

Applications for Internship, PhD, Postdoc

Jan Vitek


Blog Editor

Lucy Amidon

Publication Page Maintainer

Katie Hough

People Page Maintainer

Andrew Wagner

Teaching & Software Pages Maintainer

Andrew Wagner


PRL Social

Michelle Thalakottur, Ming-Ho Yee
PRL parties, tea time, bingewatching

Coffee Czar

Minsung Cho

Tea Tzar

Olek Gierczak

Contact Managers

Cameron Moy
Mailing Lists: prl-all, prl-students
GitHub Organization: NuPRL
Jan Vitek
Mailing List: prl-staff

How to find us

440 Huntington Ave,
Boston, MA 02115

The Khoury College of Computer Sciences is located in Building WVH (aka West Village "H" — don't forget the H, otherwise you won't be able to distinguish it from WV "A" through WV "G").

We are diagonally across the street from the Museum of Fine Arts.

To get to all Khoury offices, take the elevators opposite the big glassed-in lab on the first floor.

The administrative offices and mail boxes are located in Room 202 WVH, to your right as you get off the elevator on the second floor.

The PRL lab is spread across rooms 308 and 330. Room 308 is behind the glass walls with Racket code on them.

Talks are often in room 366, located to your right as you get off the elevator on the third floor.

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